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Royal Arch Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

Evidence suggests that when effective mentoring is implemented a member’s interest is maintained, with Companions becoming actively involved and enjoying their Royal Arch membership for many years.

If mentoring is to be successful it relies on the involvement and co-operation of all Companions. It is an ongoing process which is relevant at every single Chapter meeting, whether the Companion attends, or indeed more so, if he doesn’t.

Following trials in Area 1 and Area 5 the new Royal Arch Provincial Mentoring Scheme was introduced in March 2019 under the guidance and control of the Provincial Grand Mentor,

E Comp. Graham D. Hoyle, who is ably assisted by 7 Area Mentors.

The Royal Arch mentoring structure within the Province of Yorkshire West Riding consists of the Companion’s Personal Mentor, who is often his Proposer or Seconder, the Chapter Mentor, the Area Mentor, and also the Provincial Grand Mentor.

In order to assist in carrying out the various duties, the Province provides a range of documents, the main one being Booklet 1, 'Guide for Royal Arch Masons'. This is presented to the Candidate during their Exaltation. This booklet provides guidance on the Royal Arch, including, but not limited to, dress code, salutes, Chapter Officers, regalia etc.

Introduction and Who's Who in the Royal Arch

It should be every Brothers aspiration to continue their journey from Initiation in the Craft to Exaltation as a Companion in the Royal Arch, with the 4th, final, step being the culmination of a brother’s masonic journey through ‘Pure Ancient Masonry’.

This final step is taken after a Brother has been raised to the third degree in Craft, but only when a Brother is himself ready to join a Chapter, which meets both in a location, and at a time which is most convenient to himself.

A Brother will be warmly welcomed into the Holy Royal Arch and will receive a Mentor pack containing a wealth of information. In order for a Companion to continue enjoyment of his masonic journey, developing an appreciation and understanding of what the Holy Royal Arch has to offer for many years, he should receive encouragement, support and, where necessary, appropriate guidance from all Companions.

An experienced Companion, known as his ‘Personal Mentor’ is appointed to actively guide and support each Exaltee. The Personal Mentor is, in turn, supported by his ‘Chapter Mentor’ together with the Provincial Mentoring team including ‘Assistant Area Mentors’, ‘Area Mentors’ and the ‘Provincial Grand Mentor’.

Mentoring in the Holy Royal Arch

What is the purpose of the Royal Arch Mentor Programme?

In support of Supreme Grand Chapter’s ‘Archway’ initiative, the provincial Mentor programme aims to shape, grow, involve and educate confident Royal Arch Masons. This includes the active support and encouragement of all Companions, particularly our most junior members, in gaining a wealth of masonic knowledge and experience.

Who is the Personal Mentor?

The Personal Mentor is the linchpin, an experienced Companion, who helps, guides, develops and supports a new Companion throughout his Royal Arch journey. He is often, though not always, an Exaltee’s proposer or seconder into the Chapter.

Who is the Chapter Mentor?

The Chapter Mentor, an important office in any Chapter, is appointed by the 1st Principal. He is an experienced Royal Arch Mason with responsibility for allocating a Personal Mentor to each exaltee. He also co-ordinates and actively supports the activities of Personal Mentors.

What is the Provincial Mentoring Scheme?

Introduced in March 2019, under the guidance of the Provincial Mentor, E. Comp. Graham Hoyle, the scheme provides a number of guidance booklets for presentation to the new Exaltee. Additional guidance is also provided for the Personal Mentor, Chapter Mentor and also the Area Mentor.

What is the Guide for Royal Arch Masons?

Booklet 1 - Guide For Royal Arch Masons aims to answer the many questions a Companion will probably have following his Exaltation. It is also a useful guide for the more experienced Companion and is available to download by providing your details HERE.

Booklet 1 is complimented by a further four further guidance booklets. These are also supplemented by additional documents which form a Candidates Mentor pack and normally provided by the Chapter Scribe E.

These additional documents include, but are not limited to, Provincial By-Laws, Chapter By-Laws, Chapter Ritual Book, a list of names and contact details of all Chapter members, Wording of hymns used by the Chapter, Details and contact addresses of all Chapters within the area and a diagram showing the layout of Chapter furnishings.

What is the Individual Record Sheet?

Booklet 2 - Individual Record Sheet provides a comprehensive list of interesting topics in the Holy Royal Arch for the new Exaltee to review, familiarise himself with and discuss with his Personal Mentor. It also encourages visiting other Chapters and attending Provincial Grand Chapter and Supreme Grand Chapter meetings.

The Candidates Mentor pack should contain Booklet 1 and Booklet 2, together with a number of additional documents, to assist the Candidate in gaining knowledge of his Chapter procedures and is usually provided by the Chapter Scribe E.


What is the Guide for Personal Mentors?

Booklet 3 - Guide For Personal Mentors provides an explanation of the Mentoring Scheme with guidance to assist him in supporting a Companion throughout his Royal arch journey.

What is the Guide for Chapter and Area Mentors?

Booklet 4 - Guide for Chapter and Area Mentors provides guidance for both the Chapter Mentor and Area Mentor to fulfil their roles within the Mentoring assist him in his role.

What is the Commentaries on the Royal Arch Exaltation Ceremony

Booklet 5 - Commentaries on the Royal Arch Exaltation Ceremony aims to provide the Exaltee, and the Companions witnessing the Exaltation ceremony with an understanding of what is happening during the

ceremony by listening to short commentaries which are read during the intervals in the ceremony when

the Sojourners retire from the Chapter.


How can Mentoring be successful?

The effective implementation of the Provincial Mentoring scheme should ensure that a Companion enjoys his Royal Arch journey for many years and as a consequence, incline him in persuading his friends to join the Order and share in the enjoyment, friendship and companionship which Royal Arch masonry provides.

This however needs the ongoing commitment and co-operation of all Companions, particularly Personal and Chapter Mentors, by raising awareness and by using the guidance provided.

Further Discovery

Solomon, the online learning resource provided by UGLE and Supreme Grand Chapter, available through and is an excellent resource. It’s use is recommended by the provincial mentor team for all Companions wishing to actively develop their further understanding and enjoyment of the Royal Arch.

Provincial Mentoring Team 

Provincial Grand Mentor

  1. E Comp. Graham D. Hoyle, PGStB, PPGSN - Email:

Area 1 - E Comp. Chris Wilcock, PGStB, PPGSN - Email:

Area 2 - E Comp. Chris Carruthers, PGStB, PPGSN - Email:

Area 3 - E Comp. Jerry Anderson, PPDepGDC - Email:

Area 4 - E Comp. Simon Green, PPGSwdB - Email:

               E Comp. Arthur Leach, PPGSN - Email:

Area 5 - E Comp. Martin Moorhouse, PPDepGReg. -Email:

               E Comp. Richard Brown, PPGSN - Email: