The 2028 MCF Festival Committee will be running a Travelling Gavel for the duration of the Festival.  There are two equally important objectives that the Festival Committee would like to achieve by running the Festival Travelling Gavel. 

These are to:

  1. establish and strengthen fraternal relationships within the Province through a co-ordinated and structured scheme of visiting; and
  2. raise funds for the MCF 2028 Festival.

The Festival Committee very much hopes that Lodges will enthusiastically embrace these objectives.  Lodges are encouraged to follow the route taken by the Festival Travelling Gavel and support Receiving Lodges as much as possible by visiting in good numbers.

 The Festival Committee wishes to record its thanks to W Bro Alan Corbridge for making the MCF 2028 Festival Travelling Gavel and for donating it to the Province.

 Any queries in connection with the Festival travelling Gavel should be directed to W Bro Paul Durkin on

07887 763 276 or

At the Festival Launch Event at Castle Grove Masonic Hall, our Provincial Grand Master James Newman presented The Travelling Gavel to the Worshipful Master Mark Cusick of Lodge of Fidelity 289, the first step in it’s planned Masonic Journey around our Province of Yorkshire West Riding. 

Over the 5 year Festival Period, The Travelling Gavel is intended to visit all Masonic Venues, across our Province Yorkshire West Riding, with the lowest number ‘Lodges’ at each Masonic Venue being presented with The Travelling Gavel by the preceeding Lodge hosts, beginning with Lodge of Fidelity presenting The Travelling Gavel to Philanthropic 304 and culminating in Royal Yorkshire 265 presenting The Travelling Gavel to Olicana 1522.
The 5 Year Journey shared below is offered as a guide and is intended to be flexible, so that Lodges can discuss and adjust fraternal arrangements to suit their own meeting dates, any planned ceremonies and to simply make the most of their custody of The Gavel.

Travelling Gavel Notes For Use
PDF – 171.0 KB
Five Year Provincial Journey - Festival Travelling Gavel
PDF – 164.5 KB