Internal Communications

1. Provincial Facebook Group

The Provincial Facebook Group (PFG) is a member-only space we use to communicate across the Province. There are currently over 1,100 members of the Province who are members of the PFG. In order to join you need to authenticate yourself as a subscribing member of a Lodge or Chapter in Yorkshire, West Riding by providing your full name, date of birth, Lodge name and number, home postcode and date of joining Freemasonry.  It is important to remember this is your group. Every member is entitled to post, the only editorial control is a set of published rules that we have refined over the 10 years this group has run. In fact, everyone in the group is encouraged to post, especially if you have something noteworthy to share. One thing we do ask is to provide a picture with your post, this makes it far more engaging. The PFG is available at

If you do not provide an answer within a week your request will time out. However, you always can send another request. We are not that strict with the answers you provide, so long as we have sufficient detail to be convinced you are who you claim to be.

2. Provincial Post

The Communications Team also produce a monthly e-mail newsletter called the Provincial Post. It is sent to you using the e-mail address held on Adelphi, the membership database of the United Grand Lodge of England. It goes directly to every Brother and Companion in the Province. There is no need for Secretaries or Scribe Es to forward the message on. If you know a Brother who is not receiving their copy, ask them to look in their junk folder and instruct your e-mail program to trust e-mails sent from the domain it was sent from. Alternatively, ask the Secretary or Scribe E to check the e-mail address held on Adelphi is correct.

External Communications

Provincial Facebook Page:



External website:

Please “Like” and “Follow” the pages and help us get a greater reach by sharing the content we put up to your network of friends and family. Give us a mention and we will happily share your posts. It is important we spread the message about our work across all our networks of friends of family by sharing posts.

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