Since the inception of the scheme in November 2015 the Travelling Pedestal has been presented to 22 Chapters across the Province:


KnaresboroughPrioryChapter No4171, Knaresborough

Marquess of Ripon No 837, Ripon

Chapter of Judea No 265, Keighley

Chapter of Unanimity No 149, Meltham

Magdelen Chapter No 242, Doncaster

The Sincerity Chapter No 1019, Wakefield

Amphibious Chapter No 258, Heckmondwike

Chapter of Truth No 521, Huddersfield

Chapter of Sincerity No 61, Southwood, Halifax

Brunswick Chapter No 408, Howarth

Royal Forest Chapter No 401, Waddington

Goderich Chapter No 1211, The Allerton, Leeds

St Philip’s Chapter No 7116, Tapton Hall, Sheffield

St Nicholas Chapter No 2559, Thorne

Saint Oswald Chapter No 910, Pontefract

Three Grand Principals No 208, Dewsbury

Chapter of Integrity No. 380, Morley

Chapter of Moravia No 387, Hoyle Court, Baildon

Fairfax Chapter No 3255, Otley

St Laurence Chapter No 2330, Pudsey

Beaumont Chapter No 2035, Kirkburton

Holgate Chapter No 2035, Barnsley

Rockingham Chapter No 4282, Swinton