West Riding Webinars Management Group offers support for online interactive training and has already successfully helped in the production of the UGLE Learning & Development Conference, which involved some direct working with the Deputy Grand Master and the Grand Secretary. We have also supported training and conferences developed by the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and the Provincial Grands Mentor here in Yorkshire, West Riding.
WRWMG work with the sponsor of a training and development programme through one of their Production Consultants, who is well experienced in the development of online training content. The Production Consultant will assist with the development of a suitable programme, from the early planning stages, through design and eventual production and may use any of the formats listed below.

  1. Live Webinar  

 Webinar is a normally a general term and stands for Web Seminar. For our purpose’s webinar means a talk delivered online with accompanying slides, audience polls and a Question-and-Answer session at the end.

  1. Live Briefing  

A briefing may be similar to the above but without direct audience participation. 

  1. Training  

 A training programme maybe one or several sessions, each one similar to a webinar with polls designed to test that learning objectives are being achieved.  

  1. Live Workshop  

 This would probably be an online plenary session, with audience members and a presenter on screen together. The presenter would facilitate a discussion on the topics to be covered.
If you would like any more information or are interested in developing an L & D programme, please view the documents in the links on the right, complete the Request Support Form and contact.

Tim Worrall (Lead) or Lance Milburn (Deputy Lead)
via webinar@wrprovince.org.uk