Freemasonry is a journey of personal discovery and development. Insight into the meanings and relevance of our ritual, history and traditions are gained from experience, explanation and reflection. These help to foster curiosity, develop understanding and increase enjoyment.


A key outcome of the UGLE Learning and Development Programme is to ensure that learning is a regular feature of Lodge and Chapter programmes so that the benefits of engaging on the “Members Masonic Lifetime Journey” are better understood, valued and widely promoted.

The effort and opportunity to learn and understand improves confidence and proficiency when explaining Freemasonry to others.

Solomon (the UGLE online learning resource) supports individual members of the Craft and Royal Arch as they progress. It can be accessed here.

Solomon is easily accessible across a wide-range of platforms including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Content is grouped to reflect the key stages as well as separate sections on history and tradition.

Solomon is intended not only for personal inquiry and study, but also for presentation and discussion at Lodge and Chapter meetings. ‘Nuggets’ are short pieces that can be readily included as an agenda item at most meetings. Papers, Presentations and Demonstrations can be used in place of a ceremony or at a special event. These should be presented by someone appointed by the Province or District and used not only to inform but also to stimulate discussion and debate.

Solomon contains guidance and recommendations to promote learning and development as a core activity in Lodges, Chapters, Provinces, Districts and Metropolitan areas.