Members of the Company are drawn from the current crop of Worshipful Masters and Immediate Past Masters, who will have been identified for their commitment to their lodge and the craft in general, and will be expected to undertake a number of duties on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master and the Province, and promoted to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Steward. 

Members of the Company are only members for a maximum of three years or until they receive their Blue Provincial Apron within that time and so membership changes each year 

The Company was formed in August 2018.

Officers within the Company are 

President :- The Provincial Grand Master

Deputy President :- Deputy Provincial Grand Master


Vice Chairman



Communications Officer


Assistant Secretary

Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Communications Officer

Assistant Almoner


with the exception of the Chairman and Vice Chairman all officers are for one year with the assistant expected to hold the subsequent office the following year. 

1. Undertake specific Project Work as delegated by the Provincial Grand Master (NB in most instances the Provincial Grand Master will ask the Company to allocate members to particular areas of work/projects);

2. Organise Social events and activities for The Company, Families and Friends

3. Attend Installations or other special events (in pairs) accompanying a Ruler or Acting Warden in order to enforce their status and give them direct access to build relationships with Rulers.

4. Visit Lodges, at their own cost, as a Company in order to raise the profile of the Company, provide support to the Lodge and to advise the Lodge of the Company’s activities and plans.

5. Attend Provincial Grand Lodge, undertaking any work delegated to the Company for that event.

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