Responsible for Area 4: Philip J Drury, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

Area 4 is the Southernmost part of the Province, with Barnsley in the North, Sheffield in the South and Goole at its most Easterly point. It borders two neighbouring Provincial Provinces: Yorkshire North and East Riding on our Humberside border and Derbyshire, which borders us in Sheffield (Dore Masonic Hall houses several Derbyshire Chapters but is situated within the City of Sheffield).

The area consists of 19 Chapters in Barnsley (2), Bawtry (1), Doncaster (2), Goole (1), Rotherham (1), Sheffield (9), Swinton (1), Thorne (1) and one peripatetic Chapter.  
The majority of the Chapters meet in dedicated Masonic halls such as Tapton Hall in Sheffield, but one meets at the Rotherham Golf Club at Thrybergh. The Chapters each have a dedicated Chapter Liaison Officer.

Around half of the Chapters are over 100 years old, three of which are over 200 years in age. The oldest Chapter, Chapter of Paradise No 139 meeting in Sheffield, was constituted on New Year’s Day in 1798. The newest, South Yorkshire Chapter of Installed Principals No 9633, was constituted as recently as 2003.

Just as certain Lodges in Area 4 have a dedicated origin, so does at least one of our Chapters. University Chapter, Sheffield No 3911 was founded in 1925 for Master Masons with a University education or employed as teaching or administrative staff in any higher education establishment. Historically, it was populated primarily by brethren from University Lodge, Sheffield No 3911, but today welcomes Exaltees from any Lodge.  

The Chapters are members of two Royal Arch Councils: Sheffield RAC and South Riding RAC, depending on their location in the area.