Responsible for Royal Arch Area 3: Frank TaylorAssistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

Area 3 comprises 10 Royal Arch Chapters geographically spanning the edge of the Trough of Bowland in the West through the Dales towards York in the North and the fringes of the major conurbations of Bradford and Leeds in the South East:

Royal Forest Chapter No 401 (Waddington, Nr Clitheroe)
Craven Chapter No 810 (Skipton)
Olicana Chapter No 1522 (Ilkley)
Connaught Chapter No 1018 and Fairfax Chapter No 3255 (Otley)
Ainsty Chapter No 3299 (Wetherby)
Knaresborough Priory Chapter No 4171 (Knaresborough)
Harrogate & Claro Chapter No 1001 and The Spa Chapter No 7609 (Harrogate)
Marquess of Ripon Chapter No 837 (Ripon)

Four of these chapters are over 100 years old, and two are more than 75 years old. The oldest, Marquess of Ripon Chapter No 837, was founded in 1874. The youngest, Knaresborough Priory Chapter No 4171, was founded in 2013. Olicana Chapter No 1522 became the latest centurion in Area 3, reaching its centenary in July 2021, joining Marquess of Ripon No 837, Craven No 810 and Fairfax No 3255.

Royal Forest Chapter, Craven Chapter, Olicana Chapter, Connaught Chapter, and Fairfax Chapter are members of the Bradford & District Royal Arch Council.
Ainsty Chapter, Knaresborough Priory Chapter, Harrogate & Claro, The Spa and Marquess of Ripon Chapters are members of the Leeds & District Royal Arch Council.