Responsible for Royal Arch Area 1: Alan WebsterAssistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

Area 1 comprises 13 Royal Arch Chapters in the following towns:

Baildon (4): Chapter of Moravia No. 387, Pentalpha Chapter No. 974, Chapter of Faith No. 1034 & Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals No. 6220
Bingley (2): Chapter of Charity No. 302 & Binglea Chapter No. 439
Cleckheaton (1): Zetland Chapter No. 603
Dewsbury (2): St John's Chapter No. 827 & Three Grand Principles Chapter No. 208
Haworth (1): Brunswick Chapter No. 408
Heckmondwike (1): Nelson of the Nile Chapter No. 264
Keighley (1): Chapter of Judea No. 265
Mirfield (1): Mirfield Chapter No. 1102

Two of these Chapters are over 200 years old, eight over 100 years old and four are more than 75 years old. The Chapter of Judea No 265 was founded in 1791 and is the second oldest in the Province. The youngest, Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals No 6220, was founded in 1997 and is also the largest in the Province.

Chapters in Baildon, Bingley, Haworth & Keighley are members of the Bradford & District Royal Arch Council.  Those in Cleckheaton, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike & Mirfield are members of the Calder Vale Royal Arch Council.