The Light Blues Club was established as a social hub for new Masons in the Province, fostering conversation about Masonic topics and keeping members informed, whilst also offering a place to enjoy social camaraderie. The club offers free membership to all new Masons. The organisation coordinates activities across the Province, holding events in every centre throughout Yorkshire West Riding, presenting excellent possibilities for networking, idea sharing, and increase in Masonic understanding.

In addition to their own hosted events, they also put together Light Blue groups to attend various Provincial events held annually. This leads to the betterment of the Province, continuously offers the new members the opportunity to create ties across different Lodges, and also encourages spouses and partners to develop friendships and mingle with individuals with shared interests.


How do I join

As soon as you're initiated as a Freemason in Yorkshire West Riding, you automatically become a member of the Light Blue Club. There's no expense tied to this; no membership charges, subscriptions, nothing. As an Entered Apprentice, you are also permitted to visit different Lodges. Therefore, come participate, join our upcoming social gatherings or Lodge visits. Keep in mind that the LBC is for everyone, there's no age restriction, and every Brother is welcomed gladly.