Founded with a vision to enhance the experience of new Freemasons within the fraternity, the Yorkshire Rose Provincial Light Blue Club embodies the values of camaraderie, learning, and personal development. The club serves as a platform for new members to engage in meaningful interactions, forge lasting friendships, and deepen their understanding of the principles and teachings of Freemasonry.

At the heart of the club's mission is the belief that by creating a welcoming and supportive environment, new Freemasons can truly flourish in their Masonic journey. Through a diverse range of activities including social events, educational seminars, and coordinated visiting, the club aims to provide its members with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of Freemasonry with confidence and clarity.

One of the key objectives of the Yorkshire Rose Provincial Light Blue Club is to foster a spirit of inclusivity and connectivity within the fraternity. By bringing together new Freemasons from various lodges and backgrounds, the club serves as a catalyst for building a strong network of support and friendship. This network not only facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences but also creates a sense of unity and solidarity among brethren.

In alignment with the values of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and the province, the Yorkshire Rose Provincial Light Blue Club plays a vital role in nurturing the next generation of Freemasons and ensuring the continuity and vitality of the craft. By providing new members with a platform for personal growth, social engagement, and intellectual stimulation, the club contributes to the overall well-being and advancement of Freemasonry as a whole.

In conclusion, the establishment of the Yorkshire Rose Provincial Light Blue Club represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Freemasonry, reaffirming the commitment of the fraternity to supporting and empowering its newest members. Through its dedication to enhancing the Freemason's journey through visiting, socialising, learning, and development, the club serves as a shining example of the enduring values and principles that define Freemasonry as a timeless institution of brotherhood and enlightenment.

How do I join

As soon as you're initiated as a Freemason in Yorkshire West Riding, you automatically become a member of the Light Blue Club. There's no expense tied to this; no membership charges, subscriptions, nothing. As an Entered Apprentice, you are also permitted to visit different Lodges. Therefore, come participate, join our upcoming social gatherings or Lodge visits. Keep in mind that the LBC is for everyone, there's no age restriction, and every Brother is welcomed gladly.

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